Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I'm Gonna Dye!!

They say you have to wait six months after chemotherapy to dye your hair.  (Who are "they" anyway??)   From the research I've done, this is what I've found about what they have said.  Chemotherapy changes your body chemistry.  This includes skin, nails, hair and everything in between.  The way your body reacted to chemicals prior to chemo, is not necessarily how they will react afterwards.  And chemo stays in your body for a long time.

But, this grey hair, no matter how sophisticated people tell me it looks, had to go.  It's only been five months though, so I didn't know what would happen.  Some women experienced rashes or allergic reactions.  Some women got green hair.  Who knew how my hair would end up?  And because my skin had such a bad reaction to the steri-strips, I didn't know what to expect.

I bought the box of hair dye a month ago in anticipation.  I nervously decided today was the day, and I put that stuff on there!!  I only left it for 17 of the 25 minutes, just in case I had a reaction, so it's not as dark as what the box shows.  And yes, I left the birthmark, although it looks ridiculous right now with my hair so short.  But in time, my hair will grow, and I will go a little longer next time with the dye.

The one thing I did notice that was different, I guess because of chemo, is that my hair didn't have any shine after dying it.  But that's easily solved with some hair gloss.  Anyway, here's how it looks!!

Pic taken for Greenville News at Natalie's swim meet.  Look how grey!!

6/10/14  "Before"

In progress....

6/11/14  "After" 

And here's the progress five weeks after surgery....

Belly button is going in and elongating. The incision is healing and changing to a lighter color.
And I'm looking forward to lipo for the buldgy areas. 

Finally, a flat stomach!!!