Monday, April 23, 2012

MORE! Bad Online Dating Emails....

If you haven't read my post about getting some unusual emails from my online dating adventure, you should go back and read it.   If you HAVE read that post, you will appreciate this new round of peculiar and not so wonderful emails.  I have so many favorites now.

Like before, I have just copied and pasted these emails.  Some are just a portion of a larger email.  But here goes....

I don't like to date.  
Good thing you're on a dating site!

I'm not sure why I'm sending u a message.
Let me know when you figure that out, since I have no idea how to respond.  

Are you up for a movie tonight????
We can go to see one or I have about 25 on my computer...
I don't know what kind of movies you have on your computer, but I'm a little leery about spending the evening in front of someone's laptop. lol

wow!! u sound like a pain in the ass :)
Ha!  This tells me that I have accurately represented myself in profile form

let me know if you'd be interested to meet sometime for some bacon..
All my bacon loving friends will love this...and it was quite tempting. hahaha

you so gargouse you out of my legue.
I don't know what to say to this??? This is so bad that I think it would be wrong to make fun of it.

You remind me of someone I should know
Ha ha ha.  This was actually pretty funny.  Didn't work, but funny.

do you write music lyrics by chance? 
I play guitar and write songs, but lyrics are always the hardest part for me. 
Need resl mushy, there's a tear in my beer lyrics! 
Okay, here is where I wonder what I have said in my profile that leads someone to believe that I am someone that will write country music lyrics.  And are you trying to date me or hire me?

i may not be your type im crazy but i dont do cart wheels ha ha
Ooh, a crazy man with no punctuation....JUST what I was looking for!  Sorry, buddy, if you can't do a cartwheel, it's a dealbreaker.  

i have no luck with just to shy and submissive..
i think i would be a better match with men...but would that be so bad? ;)
I wonder if he would be interested in my ex?  Hahahaha  (I'm kidding...or am I?)

Hey you! would like to talk to some of you! :)))
I'm wondering if this man is drunk and seeing more than one of me...or maybe he thinks there's a different girl in each photo. 

Okay, okay, that is all I have.  Hope you enjoyed taking a peek into my email inbox.   Here are more... 


  1. Again I say...automatically DELETE anyone who can't use proper spelling, capitalization and punctuation! These are hilarious!

  2. I'd ask you out for your sense of humor alone! These really make my own gender look pretty bad. If these are the emails you get, how in the world do I not get more dates?? LOL. That said, keep up the good work, and as beautiful and talented as you are, I'm quite sure you'll find a great guy, if you haven't already!

  3. what about GOOD Online Dating Emails....???
    It's look like you have only bad one :-(

    Good luck ;-)

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