Friday, August 15, 2014

Tummy Tuck Progression in Reverse- Graphic Photos

You will not want to see the photos near the end if you are at all squeamish. The journey isn't glamorous!  

When I did the DIEP Flap breast reconstruction, they did a modified tummy tuck to use the tissue and fat as my new breast.  Then, after a couple months of recovery, they did liposuction and fat transfer from my waist and thighs to add to my new breast.  I have spent the past three months healing.

This surgery, the subsequent surgery, and recovery have been beyond difficult and painful.  But the results are increasingly wonderful.  Each week, I am able to do more, and the pictures reflect not only the surgery, but the effort I've put into getting healthy with diet and exercise.

Looking back at the photos, I cringe at the thought I was dealing with so much pain.  But now, three months after that initial shock to my body, I'm stronger and leaner.  I'm getting better daily.  There is still quite a bit of swelling from the liposuction three weeks ago, but that will take six months to go down.   The massive scars will fade in time, and I will be sporting my new, hopefully toned, body by next summer.

Anyway, here are the photos of the tummy tuck progression in reverse.  The newest, most recent photo is first.  I've come a long way in three months.

After Liposuction Surgery

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hair Growth Progression after Chemo- Six Months with UPDATE!

It's hard to believe that it's been six months since my last chemotherapy.  I DO NOT MISS IT!  And one of the things I've been anxiously awaiting is the regrowth of my hair.  Alright, I didn't miss shaving my legs, but I did miss the hair on my head.

When I stopped chemo, my first question was, how long does my hair take to grow in again?  And luckily, there are a couple women out there kind enough to post hair growth.  I want to add to their journeys as well.

About a month ago, I started taking several hair supplements that also kill cancer, like Biotin, Gotu Kola, and MSM.  Since doing so, my hair growth, shine and texture have increased exponentially. My hair grew an inch just in the past month.  If it keeps up, I'll have my long hair back in no time.  I wish I had started those sooner.  But we can't change the past.  So here, after six months, this is my hair growth progression.... side note: Week 14 is missing because of surgery.


This was also the first time I dyed it

I honestly had no idea I held such a resemblance to Rob Schneider


My last chemotherapy treatment was January 2014.  I've worked desperately to grow my hair as fast as possible since.  You can see what supplements I take HERE.  I haven't had a single haircut, and I've had great success with keeping split ends at bay by hydrating my hair with Shea Moisture products.  It's now been two years and seven months, and you can see how much my hair has grown!!  It's healthier and stronger now than it's ever been in my life!  Don't lose hope, it will grow!