Friday, June 13, 2014

The Garden

When they put the top soil in the garden boxes, I didn't realize it was mostly clay. My garden did well for a while, but the plants weren't really growing and they started to turn yellow. Part of it was over-watering, because the clay held so much water. And part of it was that there were no real nutrients in the soil. 

So...I've been busy. I got 80lbs of manure and organic plant food, planted lots of new plants in the garden, and re-tilled the whole garden by hand for the second time. The first time was with compost and this time with the manure and food. Whew! But hopefully now it's not going to kill the plants. It was driving me crazy to see my neighbor's plants that are HUGE and beautiful, and mine were all tiny and yellow.

I also planted a cherry tree and I still need to plant my fig tree. But everything already looks better!  On top of that, the Oncologist said that all the labor will help my veins!  I head back the hospital infusion lab today for my monthly dose of Herceptin.  Hopefully they only have to stick me once this time!  (Update:  I got stuck twice again)

Here are pics of the garden.... 

Rows of bell peppers in green, red, orange and yellow

Green beans and corn.  Still a little yellow but getting bettter

My herbs are growing really well!

I still need to plant my fig tree with the other fruit trees

Cherry tree (although better for flowering)

The Peach Tree, Two Apple Trees, Plum and
Pear Trees are all doing well.

Natalie's angel catching sun for the garden

Watermelon has sprouted along with the Canteloupe

Overall looking MUCH better


I also planted a Dwarf Lemon Tree, Lime Tree and Grapefruit Tree

And Potatoes!

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