Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Four Weeks Post-Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Well, I had my breast reconstruction four weeks ago today. I've had lots of energy, so I've been walking downtown or on the treadmill, doing some floor exercises, and some light stretching.  Then I decided to do spring cleaning (again).  I've steam cleaned the carpets, moved furniture to clean behind, and even cleaned out all the closets.   However, I kind of got ahead of myself with doing stuff, and was quickly reminded to take it easy.

On Saturday, I reached down to scratch my incision line, and it split open on my left hip.  It's not too bad, but does require some wound care... and rest.  Apparently, my body is refusing to dissolve the stitches.  Not only are the stitches rising to the surface, but they are, at four weeks, still fishing line material.  I pulled a three inch long piece of fishing line out of the middle of my stomach a couple days ago.  Since then, the middle part of the incision is finally starting to heal.  But my body isn't even trying with these stitches!  So frustrating.

Anyway, I meet with the plastic surgeon in a couple days to take a look, but there's not much they can do except address the stitches as they break through.  In the meantime, I'm eating pineapple to speed healing, taking enzymes to dissolve the stitches, Chlorella to help build new cells, and trying to take it easy, although sitting still is quickly driving me insane.

Three steps forward, one step back with healing.  Overall, I'm still very pleased with how it's going, despite the hiccup.  A lot of the swelling has gone down around my hips.  The doctor will still plan on fixing any remaining bulges with liposuction in just a couple months.   And I'm starting to think about a tattoo that will cover most of my body now. Hahaha (I'm only half kidding).

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