Thursday, June 5, 2014

Surgical Update

I met with the surgeon this morning to see my progress after my surgery four weeks ago.  He found and removed a few stitches that had broken through my incision lines, and took a look at the place on my hip where my incision opened up.  The good news is, there's no infection anywhere, and it will heal up in just a couple weeks with just a bandaid (as opposed to "wound care").  

Also, he said that I'm healing so well and so quickly that he's moving the follow up surgery closer.  I won't have to wait the three months.  I'll meet with him in just a month to schedule the next surgery.  This one will be to resolve any small issues like the roundness over each hip and add more fat to the new breast.  It should be a very easy surgery.  Nothing compared to the last one.

On top of all that, I won't have to wait the full six weeks before lifting my 60lb son, Eliah.  Because I've healed so well, he gave me the go ahead to get back to life.  Although I still need to be a little careful with activity, because my rib is still healing, I can do most everything now.  Whew!

The next step is to start wearing silicone sheets on the scars, because apparently something in silicone makes scars go away.  So I will head to the drug store this afternoon for those.  Other than that, I'm on the mend! 

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