Wednesday, June 18, 2014

More Garden Pics & Surgical Update....

First things first.... When I did the DIEP Flap breast reconstruction, they did something called a rib resection. I only saw one diagram that showed them going through one of the ribs in the chest to get to blood vessels. And I thought, "Okay, they will cut the rib to get to the blood vessel and then it will heal like any other broken rib". And for six weeks I've been waiting for my rib to heal, but it still hurts like hell, especially when I sneeze, do side to side motions, or strenuous activity like vacuuming or mowing the lawn.

The other night, as I was laying down, I felt a bone kind of sticking up about two inches to the right of my sternum. After feeling around and pressing on it for a couple minutes, I realized that there's no bone that connects to my sternum. Then I looked up the meaning of "resect", and it means removal. I don't know why I didn't realize it, but the procedure removed part of my rib....and the end of it is so sore! Yuck!  Hopefully that will stop hurting soon.

Anyway, so here's the latest on the gardening adventure, hoping it will lead to a healthier me... 

First "mini" harvest of green beans

All these are Bell Peppers!

Bush Early Tomatoes

The Sunflowers are sprouting, and I'm still waiting on the Pumpkins to sprout too

Next to happen is planting some Naval Orange seeds, Cherry Tree seeds, and Pomegranate seeds.  Soon my yard will be full of food! 

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