Monday, May 19, 2014

Visit with the Rents

Having my dad and step-mom here has helped me heal very quickly.  They've cooked, cleaned, mowed, and helped me take care of the kids.  We were even able to get out for lunch downtown today and walked almost a mile.  I'll be sad to see them go tomorrow.  It's been a fast two and a half weeks with them, and it's the longest time I've spent with my father in about twenty years.  But I'm feeling great, with tons of energy now, so it's time to be on my own again.  I'm so thankful for all their help, and I'll miss them so much! They are welcome back any time!

Here are some of the pics from the past couple weeks....

My dad on the zipline

Molly has to be helpful

Presents from the grandparents

More fun with the tissue paper than the presents

Enjoying dinner in the back yard


Obligatory floor picture with the whole family

Pat took very good care of my garden

Scoots McGoots selfie

Molly and McGoots tug of war


Molly has missed E-man


Floor pics

Pop-pop photobomb

Funny girl

Pop-pop reenacts Natalie's most infamous photo

Enjoying Riverwalk

Lunch downtown


  1. You have such a beautiful family! May God bless you and them! P.S. Love Eliah's minion shirt :)