Thursday, May 22, 2014

Two Weeks After Surgery

These photos are two weeks after the DIEP Flap procedure.  The stomach incision goes more than half-way around each hip.  There's a little little bulge over each hip that will be liposuctioned during the touch-up surgery. The belly button will retract and get smaller over time.  The breast swelling has gone down, and the incision line is healing almost as well as the belly incision, although I won't show pictures of that.

My stomach muscles are still intact, however they have been operated on, so they are still healing.  It feels like I've done about a 100 crunches, but I'm still able to use them.   Standing up straight is easy, but does take a little time if I've been sitting for a while.  The biggest issue I've had is the rib pain so far, but the doctor says that will fade in a couple weeks.  It really doesn't hurt unless I'm trying to reach something in front of me.  But other than that, I'm on the mend!!

Here are the belly incisions at two weeks.  Most of the redness is from the steri-strips causing the blistering and scarring.  And it's all so itchy!

Some bruising and swelling over the hip, but not painful

That red line on my stomach is a scar from the tape

The hip bulges will be fixed

And here's what I look like at two weeks with clothes on!!

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  1. Anncredible-
    Such a perfect name for you. I have followed Elijah's blog for a very long time and was glad to see that your blog is now attached as I did not have the link for that one.
    You and your family are in my thoughts daily. You truly are an inspiration to many, myself included (you were even before you started kicking cancers butt") and I appreciate your honest, real posts.
    Your new boob looks great (from what I saw:) and you look amazing. So very beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing your honest, raw, challenging, positive story.