Thursday, April 3, 2014

New Boobs for Everyone!! Okay, just me...

Reconstruction surgery is now on the schedule!  May 6th!!!  It will be in Spartanburg, almost an hour from my house.   The surgery will be around 8:30am and will last approximately six hours.  I will be there 3-4 days minimum.

Before the big day, I'll need to do a CT scan for the doctor to see my veins, although with all the radiation talk, I requested an MRI.  We'll see if that can happen.  And then I will have to drive up there for Pre-op the week before.  Then once again the day before, so the doctor can draw all over me.

I'm so excited I could bust! (pun intended)  If you're interested in the details of what they are doing, the following link shows the extent of the procedure.


  1. I LOVE your blog... so sad you have to tell this story, but im sure you will help so many women who are in this club they don't want to belong to !! big hugs to you and your family !!!

  2. Ann you are a real inspiration. You are as beautiful as ever.