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Take These... You Know You Want To...

Now that I have completed chemotherapy and surgery, I am starting my own ways to help fight cancer. It begins by changing the environment where the cancer grew. It’s intimidating to look at all the supplements out there, knowing they can be powerful, knowing they could make cancer worse, and knowing that they are not approved by the FDA, then to get bombarded with suggestions of everything that is supposed to help.  I can't just guess what to take or go by what someone else took, nor can I sit around and wait for cancer to come back.  

For centuries, people from all over the world have used natural remedies to heal themselves from illness.  There are beneficial plants, fruits and vegetables all around us. But where do you begin? What are you supposed to take? I started reading....and reading....and reading.  I needed to know what will help my specific cancer from coming back.  

Not all cancer is created equal. 

I had Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (IDC), Grade 3 (fast growing),  PR+, ER+, Her2neu+ (Hormone receptor positive, which means it grows with hormones).   I know that I am taking targeted therapy, Herceptin, until November, to help my body block estrogen from getting to any cancer cells.  And I will also be taking Tamoxifen for the next five years to prevent my body from making any estrogen.  But there has to be more I can do. I have found that with certain supplements, I may be able to enhance the hormonal treatment of Herceptin and Tamoxifen as well as boost my immune system to fight any remaining cancer cells.  It's all about the chemistry.  

Before, I was unknowingly creating an ideal environment for cancer to grow. I allowed myself to forego breakfast and just have coffee for the first half of the day, which created an acidic environment. I would skip meals, or just eat something fast, like a protein bar, which didn't allow my body the proper nutrition to function. I was stressed, which added to the acidity that cancer loves. I wasn't active, so my body didn't have a lot of oxygen to detoxify and get rid of rogue cells. My hormones were out of whack from my thyroid medication. And I ate sugar, like everyone else. Did you know that when you eat sugar, your immune system basically shuts down? And finally, while I wasn't at all diabetic, my blood glucose was on the higher side. Red blood cells, brain cells, and cancer cells all use glucose to grow. But with an elevated amount in my body, and creating a nice, comfy, acidic place to grow, I was giving cancer a big ole welcome party. I put my body in a situation that it could not fight and kill the free radicals (free radicals are damaged cells that refuse to die, but instead mutate to become cancer cells).

I always thought I was healthy.  I rarely ate fast food.  I rarely drank soda.  Most every dinner was homemade from scratch.  It didn't even matter though, because I was doing too much other stuff so incredibly wrong. 

I was putting everything and everyone else ahead of taking care of myself. No more.

I'm going to do what I can to create a healthy environment. The following is a list of supplements, most I have been taking for just over a month, and some I haven't begun yet.  There are specific supplements that help with the type of cancer/treatments I've had.  There are also links to medical articles and studies that pertain to each supplement or derivative.  In most cases, I have only included one article, but there are many more out there.  I could probably spend the rest of my life reading all of them. But many people have asked what I'm taking and why, and I wanted to be able to back up my choices with useful information. So, here you go!

* Disclaimer-  If you decide to take anything, please do your own research and talk with your doctor to determine if any of these are right for you.  I’m not a doctor.

Bitter Melon/Gourd-
Her2+, inhibits tumor growth, induces apoptosis (normal cell death)


Curcumin (Turmeric)-
Her2+, cell cycle arrest and apoptosis

DHA (when combined with Curcumin)-
Her2+, apoptosis and inhibition of metastasis (spread)

Inhibit breast cell invasion….free radical scavenger
Also prevents and treats Estrogen-dependent tumors

Ginger Root-
Inhibits metastasis and fights cancer

Inhibits cancer cell growth and induces apoptosis in Her2+

Grape seed-
suppresses cell migration and invasion… free radical scavenger

Antioxidant, protects against tumor growth, especially while on Tamoxifen

Vitamin A- (Retinoid)- used in combination with D3
Her2+ and ER+ cell apoptosis when combined with Herceptin

Green Tea extract (EcG)-
Antioxidant, inhibits metastasis

Flax Seed- (although a phytoestrogen, it helps in Her2 and ER+)
Reduces tumor growth, sensitizes Tamoxifen and Herceptin

Stop cancer growth and induces apoptosis

Rhodiola Rosea-
Anti-oxidant, protects left ventricle of heart against damage, cell arrest and induces apoptosis

Sodium Bicarbonate and Water Alkalizer drops
Reduces body acidity and balances PH, reduces metastasis

Probiotics 25billion
Beneficial bacteria builds immune system to fight cancer

Omega-3 Fatty acids
Reduces tumor growth and protects against metastasis in Her2

Balances hormones and thyroid function
Antioxidant, antiproliferative (stops cancer cell growth)
Many other articles available, although not many are conclusive either way

Cayenne Pepper capsule
Cancer cell inhibition and apoptosis

Garlic capsule
Enhances chemotherapy response, cancer cell apoptosis, helps liver damage from Tamoxifen

Berberine (barberry)
inhibits growth and spread of highly metastatic breast cancer cells

Chemotherapeutic, antiproliferative, antioxidant

DIM (This affects hormones, so I need to talk with dr before starting)
Enhances effectiveness of Herceptin


The following is a list of things that I would not take very often, especially not daily.  I will update as I find more information.

Vitamin D3- (I only take this weekly)
Prevents cancer (although there are many contradictory studies)

Calcium (weekly)
(contradictory studies)
More research needed

Vitamin C (weekly)
(contradictory studies, may hinder chemotherapy effects)
More research needed

NO NO's!!
Folic Acid- makes ER+ tumors grow

L-Glutamine- makes many types of tumors grow, depending on what the cells consume

Hydrogen Peroxide- contributes to oxidative stress

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