Saturday, December 28, 2013

Chemo Day

Round #6 of 7. I've been fasting since Christmas night, and won't eat again until tomorrow. I hope it works as well as last time. In the meantime, my port has been causing me a lot of pain, and I'm waiting to see if it has a leak (I think it does). I think something happened to it this last week. The surgeon stitched the port to a muscle, and I think it tore and twisted upward. I'm waiting to talk to the nurse again before she hooks up the chemo. Otherwise, I'm ready to get this one done.

Update #1: They are going to put in an IV in my arm, and they'll send me to the hospital later to get a Portagram (an xray) to see if the port has a leak. We don't want to chance damaging tissue.

Update #2: IV is going, and the hospital will call to set up the xray on the port. If it is leaking, they will have to do surgery again. I'll still have hormonal treatment for a year, so I don't know if they'll put a new one in, or just let me do them in a vein.

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