Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Update

All is well today with exception of a stomach bug I picked up over the weekend. I spent all day laying down yesterday, and heading back there now.  My lab work at the Oncologist today looked good.  My Hemoglobin is up (12.9).  My white blood cells are down from last time (4.2), but still enough to get chemo Friday.

The fasting worked SO well with the last round of chemo.  I didn't have any numbness in my hands or feet, my mouth didn't burn, my stomach was better, and I didn't have any pain at all.  In fact, I required no medications this past round of chemo.  I had way more energy this time too, enough to do some walking on the treadmill and even move furniture around.  And I haven't lost any weight from treatments (although I wouldn't mind 5-10lbs to go away). The doctor said to keep doing what I'm doing!

After Friday, I will have only one more round of chemotherapy!! 

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  1. Way to go Ann--You will make it! I have tears in my eyes for what God has done for you in defeating the cancer!