Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Stupid Chemo

Met with the Oncologist today. He said, "Remember that fine line I said we were going to walk between killing cancer cells and killing you?  We're crossing that line."  I cried, he cried, we hugged. We agreed not to do the next round of Adriamycin/Cytoxan because it will do more harm than good, especially to my heart.  I also have some sort of infection, like strep, but the antibiotics will treat that.

He also feels that my blood pressure is too low at the moment, and with the new heart medication, that will lower it even more.  So, I'm currently in the infusion lab getting pumped full of more fluids to try and increase the blood volume in my body.  Also, the muscles in my neck and back are so tight and painful that I can hardly move.  He suggests going to get massages as much as possible to help with that.

We are taking this week off from chemo, stopping the A/C completely, and planning to start a different chemo next week assuming I'm able to get back up before he knocks me down again (the dr's explanation).  The chemo may go to every three weeks.  

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