Friday, August 14, 2020

2020- What a year!

They Were So Fabulous: The Flapper Generation in Two New Books

Ever since I was a child, I've thought this was not my first life.  I always thought that I originally lived during the 1920's.  I'm drawn to everything from that era, movies, music, cars, etc.  I even wore an all fringe dress to my high school prom.  

I always joke that my last life must have been boring, and (must have) said to throw everything at me this time around and see how it goes. And really, that's how I view life, as one big obstacle course.  This year, The Roaring 20's round 2, is no exception.   

I have a plaque at the Cancer Survivors' Park

(Here is where I deleted part of my original post.  I had a nine month relationship that turned sour and I broke up with him in September 2020.)

And I have chickens now!  I don't know what the hell I'm doing, but I look out the kitchen window and see those little cluckers swinging on a swing and they make me happy.  I should start getting daily eggs sometime in October. 

This crazy chicken has a white streak on her head (like me)

Things were going well for a while! I was still in my role as a Director of Clinic for a functional medicine clinic.  I often did public speaking events and TV spots on reversing chronic disease.  And I loved it!  I was receiving HRT (Hormone replacement therapy) and it was going well, until it didn't...  

The Dr. I worked for was putting Testosterone pellets in my hip, and I was taking Progesterone capsules daily.  I have WAY too much Estrogen, so I didn't need that replaced.  I loved the combination, and it seemed to work very well.  Unfortunately, the Dr. must not have been paying attention, and accidentally put a LARGE dose of Estrogen in my hip.  The Nurse practitioner only found out by doing a count that afternoon of Testosterone (controlled substance).  When brought up to the Dr, she merely said, "Well, we all make mistakes".  

But the problem was not as simple as that.  First, once the pellets are in, they cannot be taken out.  They take three months to dissolve.  That definitely makes it easier by not having to take a pill everyday, but not if it's the wrong hormone.  You see, Estrogen makes my particular type of cancer grow.  And I already had much more than I should.  For example, most women feel best when Estrogen is at a level between 60-100.   Mine, on it's own, was around 300.  The use of Testosterone helped bring that level down.  Now, with the mistake of putting Estrogen pellets in, my levels topped 500, which in turn panicked me about potential cancer growth.  

This mistake by the Doctor came right about the time that Coronavirus was showing up on the radar.  As businesses all around starting shutting down, we decided that it was best to close the practice to protect the patients.  At the time, they had no intention of opening the doors again.  Schools were closed, businesses were closed, and the waiting game began. 

After months of waiting, and approximately 40+ hours of phone calls to the state and local congressmen, I got unemployment money. Luckily, I had worked with each creditor/vendor to be able to pay on a difference schedule to stay on top of my bills.  Being unemployed is a full time job!  

The doctor's office then decided to reopen, and they offered me a job.  But now, with reevaluating my priorities, I felt this Doctor (and her husband) did not represent what I wanted to put my name on.  No, it was not solely about the Doctor's one mistake, but I definitely don't need to go into it all at the moment.  Just know that if/when I get hormone pellets again, it will be another local Doctor in Greer.

As for now, we stay hunkered down at the house as much as possible, and we wait for Covid-19 to pass.  I work daily on building my immune system and protecting my body against cancer.  Apparently, cancer is a force that is strong in my family. My one and only sister is now fighting against Colon Cancer.  Unbeknownst to us, Colon Cancer runs in our family, and I am highly susceptible to getting that as well. So, the best course of action for me was to get to work at what I do best.  

My sister and I when I first found out I had cancer in 2013.

If you've been following me for years, you know that I value natural medicine highly.  I am coming up on my seven year anniversary of being diagnosed with Stage IV Breast Cancer in the next two weeks.  How have I managed to go this long without medication?  I studied diligently for the past seven years.  I was paid to research natural medicine full time.  I was paid to interview patients with health conditions.  I've spent more than 7,500 hours studying.  I've interviewed more than 3,000 patients.  And what did I learn?  That chronic illness, even cancer, can be healed naturally.  

Over this summer, I have finally completed my long term goal of reopening an online shop for Nutraceuticals.  I know, by experience as a clinic Director, what works for patients.  I know, by personal experience, what keeps me healthy.  And now, I'm excited to share it with the people I know and love. You.  So when you have time, take a look at the new SHOP.

My all-time favorite Supplement for Cancer

Now about those kids......

Eliah is now a teenager!  How did that happen?  It's also been almost a year since we did stem cells with him.  I posted on Instagram about his progress here.  My happy boy will be starting school online shortly, and we will see how it works for him.  I know he will miss the bus ride and his friends, but he will hopefully be safer at home.  His nurse of almost three years, Jackie, will take very good care of him.  

And then there's my now 16yr old, Natalie!  She is too smart for her own good.  She was accepted into the Governor's School for Science and Math for her junior and senior year of high school.  She will be living in dorms almost three hours away, which I am wholeheartedly not prepared for.  But with Covid-19 surging in our great state, that will start online as well. 

That should wrap up the update.  I had another birthday in December, made it all the way to 47 years old!  I'm happy.  I'm excited for the future.  And I hope you will all join me for another seven years!

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