Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Changing it Up

When I got diagnosed with cancer about four and a half years ago, I was dreading losing my hair.  I was known for LOTS of hair.  This was me at 22....

Then came chemotherapy, and I started losing hair by the second week.  It was so painful, that I finally had to shave it all off.

After chemotherapy, it started growing back THICK!  But it was weird, I lost my eyelashes every three months.  My guess was that chemotherapy was still in my system and showed itself on a cyclic basis. The hair on my head though, grew fast and stayed.  I LOVED it!

Then, about a year ago, my hair on my head started falling out.  I was losing handfuls at a time in the shower.  It was almost just like when I was going through chemotherapy.  I increased vitamins, like Biotin, Silica, Collagen and other things to help stimulate growth.  I've been trying to balance my hormones.  I've been sleeping on a silk pillow.  And I just flat out tried everything I could. It kept falling out though.

By August of last year, I had lost about half my hair.  So, I got hair extensions to keep it thick looking.  And for the past eight months, I've been wearing them in the hopes that my hair will start growing back.

But my hair kept falling out, and even with extensions, it started looking too thin.  I did note, however, that I had some new growth in the past couple months.  I've been slowly cutting my hair to try and get the growth to eventually match the length of my hair.  Not being a patient person though, I got fed up on Monday of this week.  I went ahead and got it cut!

Now it's right back in that awkward phase of growing my hair out.  But I'm going to embrace it for the time being, and hope that Chemotherapy will finally leave my system so I can grow my hair back out.

Onward with short hair!! (for now) 


  1. Short hair makes you look younger! Great for the Summer too. Your hair is gorgeous, long or short, and so are you!

  2. Have you tried MSM? It not only is used for a cancer cure (with vitamin C), but lots of other things and the only side effects are nail and hair growth. I love the stuff and it's no more toxic than water. I've known about it for 25 years, but here's a good site for it: My husband is using this modality with some other things and we believe it will work.