Thursday, April 23, 2015

Why Chemotherapy and Radiation are Outdated Treatments for Cancer

For decades, the strategy against cancer has been cut, poison, burn.  Although surgery is precise, cancer cells can still remain in the body.  Even if chemotherapy and radiation shrink tumors, they can create resistant cells that become immune to any further treatments.  The initial success of treatments can often times be overshadowed by recurrent, fast growing metastatic tumors.

Science and the medical community have focused on this treatment method, with a 5yr survival rate of less than 30% overall for cancer patients, for the past 30 years.  That rate is no more than the rate of a placebo.  And cancer patients are lead down this path trusting that they are doing everything possible to kill cancer.

But there is a growing shift in cancer research in the past couple years.  As we learn more about cancer, we find that despite using our current methods to kill fast growing cancer cells (and any other ones by side effect, like bone marrow and white blood cells), we are leaving behind the master cancer stem cells and a destroyed immune system.  These slow growing CSCs are the queens of the cancer bee hive.  They make the rules, and they create the worker bees (fast growing tumor cells).

The cancer stem cells are often times not killed by chemotherapy because they are slow growing, and they quickly develop a resistance to future treatments by changing their DNA and getting to work on a new super tumor.  This is why you may see an initial remission in cancer, followed by an aggressive, invincible recurrence. They can even lay dormant for years before resurfacing.  And please remember, the treatment for cancer recurrence is the second best treatment.  The best treatment was used on the initial cancer and didn't work.

Medical science is now starting to recognize these cancer stem cells, and the cancer research is now focusing on killing them or changing their DNA.   They are finally starting to focus on using the body's immune system to fight cancer (Immunotherapy). But until they come up with the solution, if they ever do, we are left with our current treatments, which again, are no better than a placebo.  Or, we can treat cancer gently with what nature gave us.   With my research, I've been able to focus on using sources found in nature to not only kill cancer cells, but kill cancer stem cells, and build the immune system all at the same time.

The way that cancer stem cells create resistance is similar to infections becoming antibiotic resistant.  The stronger the antibiotics we use, the stronger bacteria becomes.  There have already been great strides in using natural resources to treat antibiotic resistant infections.  And the medical community is beginning to accept that.  In the same way, we will soon all learn that cancer can be cured by using natural and gentle sources.

The fight against cancer doesn't have to be a war.  We can utilize nature to enhance our body's immune system to kill cancer gently and safely.  We don't have to torture ourselves to get the results we want.

Some of the main sources for killing cancer cells and CSCs are:

Nigella Sative- Black Seed

Indian Long Pepper



Dandelion Root