Thursday, January 22, 2015

One in Three Will Get Cancer

Did you know that one in three people will get cancer over the course of their lifetime?  And that rate is rising every year.  Take a good look at the people around you and ask yourself, are you that one?

Did you know that with standard cancer treatment of chemotherapy, the five year survival rates are staggeringly low?   With the five most common adult cancers combined, the five year survival rate is 1.6%.  That's it.   Breast cancer isn't much better at 3.5%.   That is unbelievable to me.   Reference

And we are all, myself included last year, lead to believe that this is the only way we will survive.  We get treated with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, because that is the only option we are given.  It's this treatment or death.

Going through chemotherapy and surgery was literally torture, both mentally and physically.  To be stripped down to an unidentifiable science experiment is degrading, mortifying and just downright scary.  I lost my dignity.  I lost parts of my body that identify me.  I lost my physical strength.  I lost my income.  And worst of all, I lost my children.  And to find out now that it didn't have to be that way is infuriating.

Cancer comes from an imbalance in our body.  Toxins that damage cells outnumber what the immune system can handle.  It's simple.  Build the immune system, restore the balance.

Why is the survival rate for conventional treatment so low?  Because chemotherapy destroys the good cells with the bad.  There is no differentiation of normal vs cancer cells.  It kills the very thing we need to protect ourselves.  This is a fact.  And this is the reason that many people have recurrence of cancer within a short time of finishing treatment.

Just because I had complete response to treatment does not mean it will not return.  My body was obviously out of balance to create the cancer in the first place.  And now, after treatment, it's even further weakened.  That's why it's so important to bring in strong natural ways to build the immune system quickly.  Whether you choose to do chemotherapy or not, it's crucial to reverse the imbalance.

Many people in later stages of cancer are not given a break from treatment.  They remain on chemotherapy until their end, with doctors saying they are prolonging their life and giving them a better quality of life.  In my opinion, staying in a perpetual state of "miserable, but just getting by" is exactly where the money is for the pharmaceutical companies, a whole nation of people dependent on them to keep them sick.  Many will even give up and let the cancer take over.  It doesn't have to be that way.

There is another option, a better option.  There are natural cures all around us.  Not treatments, cures.  Getting your body in proper balance will cure and prevent not just cancer, but many systemic ailments as well.  We've become so dependent upon the next pill, that we've forgotten that we have everything we need right in nature.  And it doesn't cost millions of dollars.

How to Kill Cancer Naturally- A Guide

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  1. Loved your post! I feel exactly the same. I had breast cancer, 6 chemo treatments and now i will make radiation. Until now no doctors talked with me about food or other healthy habits.
    Inês costa ( from Portugal)