Thursday, September 25, 2014

What What?

Okay, here's the big news from the doctor today. He said that, based on my body's response to treatment, and the fact that the cancer had complete pathologic response, there is only a 1-2% chance of the cancer coming back in the next 10 years! This is extremely good news!!!

And the doctor knocked off the very last infusion, so I only have three more treatments of Herceptin left instead of four!

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  1. Ann -- I ultimately got here via your w/c trike pic on a Dutch board on Pinterest (after lusting after some Christiania bikes ...), then saw your darling son, and wanted to learn more about him. Our youngest son is eight years-old, medically complex / fragile / exceptional needs blah blah etc so it's a language I speak plus I am pretty gaga for that population! Clearly I have excellent taste. Ahem. And then I saw a bit about the fight of and for your life, and your incredibly (I guess I should write anncredibly) exciting news so wanted to say YEA!!! Congratulations!!! You deserve it and so, so much more. Very happy for you. -Brooke