Sunday, July 27, 2014

O.B.B. Update- Day 2 after Surgery- Slightly Graphic

I spent yesterday, the day after surgery, feeling like I had been hit by a truck.  I spent most of the day resting, with the occasional exhaustive fight with Spanx.  All the places that had been liposuctioned felt as if I had been hit with a baseball bat.  My body was swollen, sore and bruised.  Around 5pm I finally gave in and took Tylenol, mainly because I knew I had to pee soon, and I would have to wrestle with the Spanx once again.

I finally got a chance to get a good look at myself in the mirror last night, for the first time since before surgery.  I'm super swollen, by a lot, but they said that will go down in a few weeks.  In the meantime, I'm taking diuretics and anti-inflammatory supplements like Gotu Kola and MSM.  The swelling was down by almost half of this photo when I got up this morning.  The bruising is a little better than what I expected, but still not pretty.  Again, that will go away soon.   And there are, in fact, thirteen incisions from the procedure.

And then I took a look at the "end result" of my new breast.  To be honest, I thought it would be a little bigger, because with fat grafting, you lose 20-40% of the fat cells.  Some just don't survive, and a lot of that depends on how good the surgeon is and how careful you are until they get a blood supply.  So, I'm trying to be extremely careful.

Regardless, I'm still very, very pleased with the work the surgeon has done.  Even he says that it's his best one he's ever done.  It looks beautiful.  And the rest of my body is so much slimmer with my new, flat stomach, and now thinner thighs.  The next step is getting rid of all these scars with some silicon gel.  I'm finally excited.  I'm not the same person I was when I started this cancer journey.   And now it shows on the outside too.

In a couple months, I will see the final result of the battle I've been fighting for the past year. I've crawled my way out of a dark hole and I'm standing tall in my freedom....

feeling a little like Andy Dufresne....

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