Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Join Me to Race for the Cure!!

Today is the day to take some action! The Race for the Cure is September 27th this year. The race raises money for Susan G Komen foundation. 75% of the funds raised will stay here in my community and help pay for diagnosis and treatment for women like me. The other 25% goes to help fund new research and cures for breast cancer.

There are three ways you can be a part of it. You can join my team and race or walk with me. Registration is $30 and will get you a tshirt and spot on the team to raise money. If you want to be on the team to help raise money, but can't be there that day, you can join to Sleep in for the Cure. Registration is $37 and you still get a tshirt and the ability to raise funds. The last way you can participate is to just directly donate to the Anncredible team.

I have set the fundraising goal at $3,000 because I believe that's how much they spent on getting me tested and diagnosed last year. This will be my way of paying them back and helping someone else get the same.

So, decide which option is best and follow the link to my team page. I need at least 20 team members! We need to be a force to be reckoned with!!

I promise to only harass you with this on 4 occasions... Today, Once in August, and twice in September before the race. So join me now to help raise as much money as possible before September 27th!

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